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2015 - Present

Founder & CEO

Adev Group

Jabalpur, India

Adev Group is our brewery for startups.
Here we brainstorm, build and publish startup ideas.
We have together worked on eight startup ideas with three ideas reaching beyond the MVP stage.

2015 - 2020

Founder, CEO & Senior Developer

Adev Apps

Jabalpur, India

Adev Apps is a software development firm, where we develop applications on a contractual basis.
Here, I have worked on several projects, making it a place where I use most of my skillset while managing a team of 20 people.

2017 - Present

Founder & Educator

Edllect Foundation

Jabalpur, India

Edllect Foundation is a registered Section-8 Company/NGO based in Jabalpur, India. It primarily focuses on equipping students with skills and also educating them about global issues.

2021 - Present


Edllect Community of Scholars

Jabalpur, India

ECoS or Edllect Community of Scholars

is a sub-organisation of Edllect

which works for spreading awareness about global problems such as World Hunger.
Being the leader of this community gives me the responsibility of running initiatives and handling the executive part of the organisation.

Professional skillset

Android Studio

5 years

Adobe Illustrator

4 years

Adobe Premiere Pro

4 years

Adobe XD

3 years

Adobe After Effects

3 years


2 years


1 year

Professional Skillset
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